“Jesus, we pray that ur site here makes U feel loved, just as U love us. We hope U find this site worthy of a redeemer, who gave his life so we could be forgiven and saved.”

On this site our content would include much about we find important and interesting about Jesus. The content could be endless from songs about Jesus, verses from the New Testament, prayers to testimonials how Jesus has changed a person’s life.

There could be links to the different languages and perhaps countries so the content could be more specific to certain people.

It is up to the leader of JesusandU and the Christian community what they want to include in this site. Perhaps a well-respected and popular church like the Peoples Church in Toronto could lead the way. They could decide on how they are going to make decisions concerning what content they will have on JesusandU.

One thing is for certain, whatever content is on JesusandU would have to be right with Jesus if he was here on earth. He would like his message of love and compassion to be shared with his flock.

JesusandU Financing

Our financing will probably be arranged by the Christian leader who contacts us by the GET INVOLVED button. Funding should be easy to attain because a website like this would benefit all Christians and turn more people toward Jesus. The initial money could come from a Christian philanthropist(s) who could be our leader(s). Money could come from starting up a charity and have Christians donate to it. Christian establishments could donate. Wealthy Christians could donate to us.


There will be major changes to this website once we begin to function.


Jesus Christ our Saviour and

Redeemer, loving son of Jehovah.

Thank U for giving ur life,

so those who believe in U will

have life everlasting.

JesusandU is ur community.

We await ur triumphant return.

We hope U would find this site a worthy platform.