We need U to bring JesusandU up at ur church. Get people in ur congregation to know about us. The more people that know about us the faster JesusandU will become a prosperous website. The leader of ur church, perhaps ur pastor should know about JesusandU. If U are the leader of ur church better still. U could pass it on to ur superiors. I believe it is important to spread the word about Jesus, we want a as many people(andus) saved as possible. Ur superiors are more apt to help make JesusandU prosper. If U are Catholic, we hope that goes as far as the Pope. The top spiritual leaders should know about JesusandU. U could have Catholics, Anglicans and other denominations involved.

If U are a leader of a church and believe that JesusandU is a good platform to spread the Christian faith and U want to take the lead of JesusandU then contact us at